About Us

The aims and objectives of the organisation Portuguese Speaking Communities Incorporated (CLP Inc) are:

  1. To celebrate the Portuguese National Day and other significant Portuguese community events, including the Warrnambool Portuguese Cultural Festival.               
  2. To unite the Portuguese speaking communities in a cultural celebration of the historical ties between them.
  3. To provide a venue for the social interaction and cultural expression of the Portuguese speaking communities.
  4. To support, promote and develop the Portuguese associations in the State of Victoria, and foster socio-cultural interaction with the Australian Community.     
  5. To divulge and promote the Portuguese language and culture to the general Australian community.


The following associations are members of the CLP:

  • Portuguese Association of Victoria
  • Timorese Association of Victoria
  • Grupo Cultural e Folclorico  Sol de Portugal
  • Portuguese Cultural  Centre of  Melbourne
  • Portuguese Teachers of the Victorian School of Languages    
  • Portuguese Folkdancing Seniores da APV  
  • Madeira Folkdancing Perola do Atlantico  
  • Grupo Infantil Portugues (GIP)
  • Portuguese in Australia
Alda Pereira Retre
Presidente President
Rui Revez
 Vice Presidente Vice President

Aida Santos

 Tesoureiro Treasurer


Teresa Pereira
Secretaria Secretary
Ana Pereira
Vogal Committee member

Silvia Renda

Vogal Committee member

                 David Weeding                                      Derik Gomes                                  Pedro Cardoso
             Vogal Committee member                  Vogal Committee member                      Vogal Committee Member